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Weekly Lawn Mowing:

We will visit your yard every week of the growing season, typically starting early April and ending the last week of November. In the spring and early fall when the grass is growing quickly we will ‘double cut’ the yard, as needed. Which means we will mow your yard, disperse the inevitable clumps and then mow the yard again at a 90 degree angle from the fist cut. We only provide mulching of the grass clippings and do not provide a bagged or haul away service. By mulching the clippings into the lawn you provide added nutrients to the soil. If fallen leaves are present during the scheduled service day the leaves will be mulched or they can be removed on an ongoing basis for an additional charge. However, we will remove leaves in the lawn during the last mowing visit of the year and leave them bagged at the curb. If existing leaves on turf are excessive, there may be an additional charge for cleanup. We will also mow the grass a 1/2 ” shorter at the last visit. Both of these practices reduce winter turf diseases. Mowing service also includes up to 50 sqft. of turf repair (seeding) in mid spring and late Summer.

Each visit includes:

*string trimming areas that the mower cannot reach
*a change in mowing direction
*A thorough clean-up. We never leave grass clumps in the lawn or landscape beds and all pavement is blown clean.
*Every fourth visit includes edging turf along all concrete edges. More frequent edging is available for an additional charge.

This service is only offered in a season long contract and is eligible for a 5% pre-payment discount. Contract is billed monthly April-October and November is billed on ‘as needed’ basis.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control:

Each visit includes an application of commercial grade fertilizer custom chosen for your lawn’s seasonal needs. All fertilizer is blown off of hard surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, porches, and patios. We strive to keep the fertilizer in your yard and out of the rivers and streams. After the fertilizer application our technician will methodically walk your lawn with a backpack sprayer and provide a post-spray of just the weeds. We don’t come out with a large pump truck and ‘carpet spray’ your lawn with chemicals. It takes a little longer but it is just as effective and our clients with children and pets really appreciate it. Each fertilization visit includes one free follow-up visit, 2-3 weeks later, for any persistent weeds. This service is available April – November. We also provide Grub and Billbug control as well as fungal prevention programs. Starting 2016 we now offer an ORGANIC option for lawn fertilization! Please call, and we can create a fertilization program that would be best for your lawn. This service is eligible for a 5% pre-payment discount.

Bed Weed Control:

A season-long service offered April through October. We start in early April when we apply a granular pre-emergent herbicide to all mulched areas. This will greatly reduce germination of summer annual weeds. We then put on a backpack sprayer and ‘spot spray’ the weeds in your landscape mulch beds every two weeks from mid-April to mid-October. If weeds are sprayed when young and small they will crumble away. Larger weeds that die will be hand pulled during the next visit. This service also includes weeds in pavement cracks and paver patios. This service is eligible for a 50% discount with a 5 visit fertilization program or weekly mowing service.

Lawn Aeration:

We provide this service in the spring and fall but we highly recommend late September- early October when the weather and soil conditions are the most beneficial. Aeration is very beneficial for turf health. It provides improved water, air and nutrient penetration into the soil which results in deeper root growth and better drought resistance. Aeration also reduces compaction, moss growth and thatch. Irrigation systems and invisible dog fences must be marked by the homeowner prior to aeration services. Lawn Defender will keep a log of these obstructions and will take responsibility for damage during future aeration visits.This service is only eligible for a 5% pre-payment discount if you are also a fertilization or mowing client.

Lawn Renovation:

Whether you want to thicken an existing lawn or fill in bare areas, we can help. Picking the right seed variety is the first step, using the right technique is the second. If grading is needed we will adjust the site to improve drainage and broadcast seed, starter fertilizer and seeding mulch. We never introduce weed seed by using straw mulch. If you want to in-fill thinning lawns we will slice-seed the lawn in two directions and then apply fertilizer, if applicable. Seed mixes will be custom chosen for your needs and to blend into existing turf. Maybe you need an instant fix, we can install sod. Keep in mind that September is the ideal time for seeding and the only time we warranty this service so please call early to get on the schedule. Spring seeding does not carry a warranty. Lawn Defender provides free estimates on all lawn renovation projects.

Fall Landscape Cleanup and Leaf Removal:

Properly winterizing your landscape is important for preventing disease in the garden and lawn. We will clean out landscape beds of leaves, spent perennials and debris and haul it away for composting. Leaves in the lawn will be blown to the curb, bagged or hauled away depending on your neighborhood service. Service starts the week of October 13th and includes visits every other week through the end of November. Please call for a free estimate.


Shrub and ornamental tree pruning provided throughout the growing season. Each plant has it’s own time of year that is best for pruning. Give us a call and we can help decide when is best for you.

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